Action Hero

Action Hero is the collaboration between Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse.

We live and work in Bristol, where we have been making performance together since 2005. We make work that is interested in pop cultural mythologies, people being together in a room and the absurdity of standing in front of some strangers and doing something. Our work often has a sense of the epic, even though it is played out through a raw, DIY, lo-fi aesthetic.

We like performance as an event, as a temporary community, and we like using our audience as collaborators and co-conspiritors within that frame. We have developed a reputation for creating performance that is distinctive and invigorating, and have created work for theatres, parties, clubs, galleries and public spaces.

We tour our work regularly throughout the UK and internationally. We enjoy meeting other artists when we are touring abroad and are interested in builiding and generating self supporting artist networks worldwide. We are members of Residence, an artist-led space for the creation of new performance work and are Forest Fringe artists and Chelsea Theatre Associates.