About Fusebox

Fusebox is a non-profit arts organization based in Austin, TX. We were founded by a group of artists in 2005 who wanted to create a robust exchange of ideas across different art forms and geography, with a particular interest in the live experience. We were also especially interested in how festivals could live in a more meaningful relationship with place. Today Fusebox partners with organizations all over the world ranging from small grassroots organizations to major art centers and festivals, and we produce two festivals (The Fusebox Festival & Live in America) along with year-round programming and events.


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2008 Alexander Ave
Austin, TX 78722



Fusebox collaborates with artists and community groups to share unforgettable live experiences and creatively address civic issues identified by our constituents.

Our programs:

  • bring adventurous performances to thousands of people in Central Texas (and beyond) through our festivals and year-round programs.

  • provide support, resources, and professional development for artists.

  • address vital civic issues at the center of contemporary life and culture.

  • explore what live performance can be, can do, and look like.

  • expand access to live performance through our free and sliding-scale programming.

A Closer Look At Our Programs

  • For nineteen years, we’ve been experimenting with what a festival can be and do, and how a festival can live in more meaningful relationship to place.
  • Through our festivals and year-round events, we provide a platform for the creation and presentation of live performance from around the world that reaches thousands of people.

  • We promote the sharing of art and ideas with our communities. This takes the form of festivals, workshops, mentorship, conversations, meals, and digital and print publications.

  • We offer funding, hands-on training, equipment, space, one-on-one consulting, and advocacy for artists.

  • We bring together diverse groups of people to address vital civic issues.

Our Core Values

We believe in the vast possibilities of live performance.
We believe in the potential of imagination to shape the world.
We believe in shaking things up.
We believe in access.
We believe in supporting arts workers.
We believe in, and are committed to, cultural equity.
We believe in the act of gathering, and the power of presence.
We believe in leading with joy, care, and generosity.
We believe in long-term collaborations.
We believe in a plurality of perspectives.
We believe in the exchange of ideas across artistic disciplines, sectors, neighborhoods and countries.
We believe exchanges should be relational and reciprocal rather than transactional.
We believe our festival should be free, but that artists’ work should be valued.
We believe that art is central to a healthy society.

Contact Us
2008 Alexander Ave
Austin, TX 78722


Fusebox respectfully acknowledges that Austin is on the traditional homelands of the Lipan Apache, Comanche, Tonkawa, Coahuiltecan, Jumano, and many other Indigenous peoples both recorded and unrecorded.

As we gather in our theaters, galleries, and venues throughout the festival, we wish to honor and celebrate the Indigenous Peoples that have resided, thrived, and taken care of the land here, now and before us, and pay our respects to elders past and present.

To learn more about land acknowledgments visit usdac.us.


Ron Berry

Co-Artistic Director

Carra Martinez

Co-Artistic Director & Live in America Director

Jessika Malone

Producing Director

Chris Conard

Technical Director

Chloé Carcamo

Marketing & Outreach Director

Kate Taylor

Office Manager

Miles Edwards

Finance Manager

Jeff Khan

Guest Curator

Michael Anthony García

Guest Curator


Ethan Avey
Brooke Churchill
Zeina El-Azzi
Angie Emmett
Douglas Ferguson
Dave Floyd
Deborah Green
Killian Hagan
Eric Hiduke
Ish Kundawala
Kara Leal
Jennifer Logan
Robert Matney
Chris Mattsson
Elizabeth McQueen
Adriene Mishler
Emeka Ofobike Jr.
Leo Ramirez Jr.
David Shifrin
Fiore Tedesco
Jade Walker
Radney Wood
Lisa Woods