About Fusebox Festival

Founded by a group of artists in 2005, the festival features unique live performances from Austin and around the world at sites and venues across the city, ranging from intimate galleries, theaters, and clubs, to large scale projects springing to life in parks, under bridges, and across entire neighborhoods.

The last festival concluded April 7-14, 2024. We’ll be back for another festival in 2026 as we move to our biennial model.

Fusebox Festival 2024

What is a typical Fusebox show like?

Each show is pretty unique! We present all kinds of artists working across a variety of art forms including film, theater, dance, visual art, literature, and music. In any given festival there is stuff that kids and dogs would like, and there’s programming that’s pretty challenging, and everything in between. The shows in the festival often transcend what we think we know about live performance–cracking open our understanding of what live performance can be and what it can look like. As for our artists, they span generations and genres. They’ve won MacArthur Genius and Grammy Awards among others, and they’re performing next to artists we think are equally brilliant.

Investing in the creation process

The festival also plays a direct role in the commissioning and creation of new work from select artists each year. We believe Austin should be a place where art is created (and supported), not just consumed.

A gathering point

In between all of the performances are meals, workshops, installations, parties, and conversations. We’re interested in the act of gathering and those things that are only possible when we are together with other people–sharing ideas and experiencing things together. We hope you join us!