Anya Molyviatis

Anya Molyviatis sculpts visual and tactile landscapes by unifying her love for fibers and design. With color gradients, weaving structures, and materiality, she shapes space into one with depth and motion. Seeking answers to our questions of well-being by the power of interconnection.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Anya has spent her life traversing urban and wild landscapes throughout Europe and North America. After graduating from Aiglon College in 2013, she moved to the United States to study sustainable architecture in California. During her studies she completed a permaculture design course, opening her eyes to the potential of natural systems as well as textile properties. Entranced to learn more about materiality, she moved to New Mexico to apprentice with a master weaver and subsequently earned her BFA in Fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2021.


Artist Statement
As a weaver, I journey into relationships between materials, senses, and visuals. Through the intersections of fine art, design, and fibers, I create a woven vista that enables viewers to dive into the multi-dimensional layers of the self. Through my work, I also seek to bring a pulsation into spaces by creating my own three-dimensional weaving structures for an experience that moves us even in stillness. Driven by my fascination with the complex relationship humanity holds with our natural and built environments, I approach the challenges of human longevity with an innovative and optimistic blend of art and science. By engaging with the environments we are intimately a part of, my work focuses on revealing the strengths within our senses through an ambient, nurturing, and intimate sensory experience.

Fusebox Performances