Image by Lenny Gonzalez

Arab.AMP + Mike Khoury

Based in Detroit, Khoury has presented the live or recorded music of Griot Galaxy, Black Merda, Wendell Harrison, Ben Miller and Cary Loren of Destroy All Monsters. His curation functions through the Entropy Stereo record label and the Entropy Studios performance space. His current projects include Spite of Darkness with Ben Hall, Ryan Sawyer, Jason Kao Hwang; Ben Miller’s Porcelin Hammer; and Devotional with Andrew Coltrane.

In 2018, Arab.AMP officially launched from its home in Oakland, California. Arab.AMP is a platform for the work of Arab Experimentalists working in the region and its diasporas. Arab Experimentalism can be currently defined as a field that accumulates regional and diasporic realities and futures through transgressive arts practices. Arab.AMP celebrates the plurality of Arab voices operating in futurism, the Avant Garde and experimental live art. Our programming is in conversation with, and inclusive of, the work of other diasporas and indigenous communities. This nomadic platform works with partnering organizations to support its tours, commission and discourse.