ASUNA is a Japanese sound artist. He has been creating experimental music and installation work since a very young age. He has gone on to become a pioneer in the experimental ambient / drone / improvisation scene in Japan and collaborating with many Japanese and international electronic musicians including Jan Jelinek, minoru sato-m/s (ex.WrK), Pękala Kordylasińska Pękala and many others. He has been prolific and produced a large number of albums for European, American, and Japanese labels.

Alongside his first major work, “Each Organ” (2002), a sound installation reconsidering the concept of etymology, he also produces experimental composition works, recording with acoustic instruments and electronics under the title “100 Toys”, a performance that uses many tiny toys to create a multi-layered and fascinating plastic universe of drones, loops, sonic moire, and occasional pop implosions. ASUNA’s current touring work 100 KEYBOARDS is a live music performance featuring over 100 keyboards.

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