Photo By Gonzo Bojorquez & Thor Harris

Dorian Wood & Thor Harris

Dorian Wood
Dorian Wood (pronouns: she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Using subject matter informed by their own perspective as a non-binary brown person, a child of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan immigrants, and an autodidact, Wood’s intent of “infecting” spaces and ideologies with their artistic practice is born from a desire to challenge traditions and systems that have contributed to the marginalization of people. Their work has been showcased in concert halls and performance spaces around the world, including at institutions like The Broad (Los Angeles), REDCAT (Los Angeles), Museo Nacional Del Prado (Madrid), the City Hall of Madrid and Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris (Mexico City).  From 2019 to 2020, Wood completed several successful tours throughout Europe, Mexico and the U.S. with their chamber orchestra tribute to Chavela Vargas, XAVELA LUX AETERNA. Most recently, Wood became a 2020 Creative Capital Award recipient and an Art Matters Foundation grant recipient. Wood has released over a dozen recordings, among them the albums BOLKA (Independent, 2007); Brutus (Independent, 2010); Rattle Rattle (Atonal Industries, 2013); Down, The Dirty Roof (Atonal Industries, 2013), XALÁ (Atonal Industries, 2017) and 2020’s back-to-back albums ARDOR and REACTOR (Independent).

Thor Harris
Thor Harris is a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder, plumber and artist living in Austin, Texas since 1985. He has played with Swans, Smog, Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Shearwater,  Arthur Brown, Ben Frost, Lawrence English,  Lisa Germano, Amanda Palmer, Adam Torres, and lots more. He has a modern classical minimalist group called Thor&Friends. They have released 4 records. He wrote a graphic novel about depression called An Ocean of Despair and is an advocate for people living with mood disorders. He was briefly banned from Twitter for a video tutorial on How to Punch a Nazi.

Twitter: @thorharris666

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