Forklift Danceworks

Inspired by the stories of work and place, Forklift Danceworks co-creates theatrical productions with unexpected performers. Using a combination of choreography, light, music, and sound, the company presents site-specific civic spectacles that reveal the beauty of everyday movement. 

Forklift’s choreographers embed for months amid the workforces and communities featured, coming together with performers to make shows that reflect the skill, dignity, and drama of their lives and work.

Creating collaboratively with performers allows, the artists to share the unheard stories of individual workers, their workforces, and communities. Every Forklift production is a shared creation among choreographers and performers.  

By using our collective creativity, Forklift makes art that invites people to hear a story they hadn’t before, see a civic issue in a new or brighter light, and feel more deeply connected to their community.

Fusebox Performances