Greg Pond + Jesse Cahn Thompson

Jesse Cahn Thompson
is a musician, composer and sound artist whose work experiments with pattern, vertical sonority, consonance and dissonance, and textural perception. The majority of his work sets digital technology as the primary medium used to investigate the unseen world and the role sound plays in shaping perceived reality. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he is working on a global piece initiative with David Lynch. As a musician, Jesse has worked and collaborated with a variety of labels and media outlets ranging from Paw Tracks Records to Vogue Paris. He has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, performing at numerous festivals (eg. All Tomorrow’s Parties, Sasquatch!, Midi Festival) and venues (eg. J. Paul Getty Museum, Bowery Ballroom NYC). His sound work has been hosted by spaces such as the Knoxville Museum of Art, Queens Museum Biennial, and The Hunter Museum.

Greg Pond is a professor at the University of the South and was a founding member of Fugitive Projects in Nashville. In 2012 he completed a feature-length documentary about the architectural and political history of Trench Town in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a recipient of the Tennessee Individual Artist grant, a Kennedy Fellowship at the University of the South, and has been an artist in residence at the F+F School of Art in Zurich and the Burren College of Art in Ireland. In 2011, 2012, and 2013 he received grants from the MakeWork Foundation in Chattanooga. Pond also works as an independent writer, curator, and lecturer with projects hosted by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture; Fivemyles Gallery in Brooklyn; Delta Axis in Memphis; the Frist and Cheekwood Museums and Art in Nashville; and the Hunter Museum of Art. His work has been exhibited in places such as Galway and Dublin, Ireland; Basel, Switzerland; Cairo, Egypt; Kingston, Jamaica; Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis; Frankfurt, Germany; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; New York; New Orleans; Memphis, Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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