Grownup Lady Story Company

The Grownup Lady Story Company is Annie La Ganga and Rebecca Beegle, two writers and storytellers known for their outrageous and funny true stories and their lovingly dysfunctional BFF chemistry. The Grownup Ladies are extraordinary hostesses and accomplished entertainers who produce, perform, and emcee warm and hilarious storytelling events in private homes as well as traditional (and nontraditional) theatrical venues. The Grownup Lady Story Company is based in Austin, but tours the world.

Rebecca Beegle performs in theaters, films, and living rooms. Past collaborators include Rubber Repertory (“The Casket of Passing Fancy”) and Rude Mechs (“Have You Ever Been Assassinated?”). Rebecca has writing degrees from Northwestern University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2010, she studied playwriting and modern drama with American master Edward Albee. She has appeared in two films directed by Andrew Bujalski, including “Computer Chess,” which recently screened at the Whitney Biennial. In January of 2014 she premiered her solo show, “Inappropriate Touching.”

Annie La Ganga is the author of “Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints, A Memoir” (2009 Red Hen Press) and the creator and performer of four full-length one-woman shows, including “Surprise Annie” produced by Rubber Repertory, and “The Major Arcana” produced in collaboration with Portland Story Theater during her 2013 residency.