ICOSA Collective

ICOSA collaborated as a collective to realize the work shared here in Fusebox’s The It’s NOT Fair.

Title: The New Landscape

Medium: XPS foam, metal leaf, acrylic, mylar, and digital media

Description of the project: ICOSA’s installation for the The It’s NOT Fair will be The New Landscape. It is an otherworldly installation that creates a unified, cosmic space while bringing you a sampling of Not-NFTs from the far reaches of the universe.

Bio: ICOSA is an artist-run nonprofit space that showcases a diverse range of contemporary art and programming.

ICOSA is a network of artists committed to providing exhibition space free of the constraints of the traditional gallery model, as well as a platform for dialoguing with audiences. ICOSA’s culture empowers artists to develop their creative and professional ambitions, continuously culminating in a wide range of events, from art shows to educational programs, as well as in cooperative partnerships with diverse organizations.

ICOSA’s programming ignites ideas and relationships between the Austin and global art communities: compliments of its member artists who are producing some of the region’s highest-caliber contemporary art and art discussion. ICOSA preserves a sustainable lifestyle for local artists and engages in dialogue with art lovers throughout the region and beyond.

ICOSA is: Leon Alesi, Amy Bench, Darcie Book, Shawn Camp, Veronica Ceci, Jonas Criscoe, Erin Cunningham, Vy Ngo, Mai Gutierrez, Sarah Hirneisen, Madeline Irvine, John Mulvany, Amanda Linn McInerney, Matt Rebholz, Tammie Rubin, Jana Swec, Michael Villarreal, Lana Waldrep-Appl, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, and Jenn Wilson.

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