Justin Talplacido Shoulder

Justin Talplacido Shoulder

Justin Talplacido Shoulder is a shape shifting artist and storyteller, working primarily in performance, sculpture, video and collective events.  Also known as Phasmahammer, their practice is an eco-cosmology of alter personas based on queered ancestral myth. Creatures birthed are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages.

The artist uses their body and craft as an instrument of metaphysics towards a queer Filipinx Futurism. Shoulder believes in performance and shared ceremony as communal medicine for difficult times.  Shoulder is a founding member of queer artist collective The Glitter Militia (Monsta Gras 2008-20, Pink Bubble) with partner and key collaborator Matthew Stegh and co-director of collective Club Ate with artist Bhenji Ra. Shoulder’s theatre and visual art works have been presented across Australia and Internationally where they work between gallery, nightclub, and theatre contexts.

Matt Stegh

Matt is Wiradjuri/Croatian/Austrian interdisciplinary artist, activist and community organiser. His design and craft focuses on costume, regalia, textiles and inflatables for dance, performance, theatre, film and immersive community engagement.

Corin Ileto

Corin is a Filipina-Australian electronic producer, composer and performer working in the field of performance art, sound design, theatre and club spaces. In her compositions, traditional forms merge with hyper-digital sounds to create new imaginary realms.

Eugene Choi

Eugene is a Sydney-based artist makes performances that integrate dance, video, sculpture and installation. Her work evolves around self-made systems or sets, such as scaffolding or the family home, where improvised action often occurs. More recently, the focus of Choi‘s work is the role of language and the possibility of creating gestures and actions that communicate what spoken or written language cannot.

Victoria Hunt

Victoria is an Australian-born (Yugambeh/ Kombumerri Country/ QLD) artist whose ancestral affiliations include Te Arawa, Rongowhaakata, Kahungunu Māori, Irish, English, Finnish. She works as a director, dramaturg, dancer, choreographer, photographer, & filmmaker.

Fausto Brusamolino

Fausto is a lighting and visual artist currently living on Darug land, Australia.
Fausto devises lighting and generative visuals for live performances and filming, creates his own lighting art installations, and provides visual design consultation for other artists’ artworks and exhibitions.

Tour Manager & Producer

INSITE ARTS, established in 2008, is a multi-scale, multi-genre creative producing company for independent Australian artists with a reputable niche in Australia’s performing arts industry and export marketplace.
We create, produce and tour multi- genre, adventurous and innovative creative projects that contribute to Australia’s contemporary cultural identity and reflect the rich cultural roots of Australia’s First Nations’ people and the continuously evolving multicultural diversity of contemporary Australians.

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