Through performances, installation, public process, and theoretical and practical research, the interdisciplinary group, PME-ART, confronts its contemporary practice via local, national, and international artistic collaborations. Their work is an ongoing process of questioning the world–of finding the courage to say things about the current predicament that are direct and complex. The group draws considerably upon literature, music, dance, visual art, critical theory, philosophy, and cinema, but such influences are never entirely direct, always infiltrating their practice from personal, unexpected angles. Ultimately, the work generates a deeply human experience with a foundation in basic yet ephemeral realities: people working together, dealing with the audience, simply trying to figure things out.

Jacob Wren
Jacob Wren is a writer and co-artistic director of the Montréal-based interdisciplinary group PME-ART. He has co-created countless performances including the work, The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information presented at Fusebox in 2014. Wren frequently performs internationally and has taught workshops in Montréal, Stockholm, Annaghmakerrig (Ireland), Ghent, Cologne, Toronto, Zürich, and Chicoutimi.