Rubber Repertory

What’s wonderful about Rubber Repertory is that they take the concepts, the tenets, the expectations of theatre, and blow them out of the water. -Avimaan Syam, Austin Chronicle


Rubber Repertory is an Austin-based experimental theatre company. Founded by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope, they’re known for having created some of the most memorable Austin performances of the past 20 years. “The Casket of Passing Fancy” (supported by the MAP Fund) gave each attendee a choice of 500 extraordinary experiences, some of which continue to this day. “At Home With Dick” invited a few people at a time into the apartment of a legendary songwriter who hadn’t left it in years. And “Biography of Physical Sensation” allowed audience members to experience another person’s life entirely through tastes, touches, sounds, and smells.

Because RR’s work defies easy categorization, awards committees often find it necessary to create special distinctions. Past shows received awards for Unique Theatrical Experience, Outstanding Site-Specific Work, Outstanding Late Night Adventure, Outstanding Theatrical Innovation, and Outstanding None of the Above. They also received the Fractured Atlas Arts Entrepreneurs of the Year award for their pop-up artist residency program, hosted in a Civil War-era church in Lawrence, Kansas. 

In 2020, they emerged from an indefinite hiatus with an open menu restaurant dedicated to serving a single customer each day.  

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