Slava Mogutin

Slava Mogutin is a New York-based multimedia artist, author and filmmaker exiled from Russia for his outspoken queer writings and activism. A third-generation writer and self-taught journalist and photographer, he became the first Russian to be granted political asylum in the US on the grounds of homophobic persecution. Informed by his bicultural literary and dissident background, Mogutin’s work celebrates diversity and nonconformism encompassing the themes of displacement and identity; transgression and transfiguration of masculinity and gender crossover; urban youth subcultures and adolescent sexuality; the clash of social norms and individual desires; the tension between attachment and disaffection, hate and love. He is the author of seven books of writings in Russian, as well as three monographs of photography, Lost Boys (2006), NYC Go-Go (2008), and Bros & Brosephines (2017), and two collections of poetry, Food Chain (2014), and Pictures & Words (2017).

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