Sulaiman Shabazz

From rocking songs and stages with Madlib, Chance The Rapper, Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist to directing creative programming for multi-million dollar hotels like Soho House and The LINE, Sulaiman doesn’t shy away from the idea of doing it all to make sure his message of “luxury via responsibility” is felt. It permeates the thoughtful imagery in his song lyrics, screams out from his visual works, and dominates his general discourse – a gift worth giving. Hailing from the Chatham neighborhood on the south side, Sulaiman’s tapestry of talents entwine the same values that built Ebony & Jet magazine, the Nation of Islam, the Pullman Porters, house music/footwork/juke, the 90’s Bulls dynasty, Second City comedy, and all the things you love about Chicago and the distinct point of view on life from a kid with the soil in his veins.

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