Image by The Empty Set

Emily Parsons-Lord + Sara Morawetz {the empty set}

{the empty set} is Emily Parsons-Lord and Sara Morawetz. It is a collaboration conceived to examine the phenomena of the explosion, engaging with the political, environmental and social acts of destruction that are consuming our current moment. Using the explosion as a visual medium, {the empty set} aims to illuminate our paradoxical desire to detonate our own futures and revel in its sublime collapse.

Emily Parsons-Lord creates art that exists at the fringes of natural sciences, and politics, she transforms research into poetic artworks that attempts to reconcile lofty vast infinities of our place in time and space, and slippages to the political realities of being a human today in discourses of climate crisis.

Sara Morawetz examines the manner in which the constituent elements of the ’Scientific Method’ – namely observation, experimentation, method (as action), and standardization – are recounted within artistic practice and how these concepts can be further leveraged by artistic inquiry.


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