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Are We Conscious Automata? A Speed Philosophy Event

Elisabet Ney Museum + The Dionysium

Come engage your think meat in this combination of Elisabet Ney’s famously dignified salon evenings and musical chairs.

You will join nine fellow travelers at one of six tables in a speed-quest for truth. In ten minutes you must as a group decide the answer to one of the burning-hot philosophical questions of our time. The groups disperse (entropy) and then reunite in new configurations (enthalpy) and will be given a new question until all six of the universe’s questions have been answered.

Overall enlightenment is our goal and everyone’s a winner. Life is but a game after all.

Note: The title of the program comes from a famous treatise written by Elisabet Ney’s philosopher husband, Edmund Montgomery, in 1897.

Hosted by LB Deyo & Buzz Moran

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