Artist Talk: Taylor Davis + Jessy Wilson

Presented in partnership with Origin Studio House

WEDNESDAY APRIL 10th: Artist Talk with Taylor Davis and Jessy Wilson

Join Fusebox & Origin Studio House for the Fusebox Festival 2024 Artist Talks happening daily from 12:30pm -1:30pm starting Wednesday April 10th through Saturday April 14th.

Each day will bring new artists and creatives, both local and international, who will sit down and share their projects, processes, and passions. Come take your lunch break with us at Origin Studio House where there will be beverages and food for sale as we dive into what makes our community of artists tick.

Taylor Davis (she/her) is an independent curator and landscape designer living in Austin, Texas. After receiving her masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin she went on to work for a local Austin design firm, TBG partners where she works on projects such as parks, multifamily amenity courtyards, hospitals and trails. Her curatorial practice is interested in the nuance of artistic practice as it relates to unique life experiences. Working with different galleries she has curated group art shows in San Francisco and Austin. She serves as a board member of the Trail Conservancy in Austin and serves as the board chair for their Arts and Culture Committee and has worked with local Austin arts and culture groups such as AIPP and Future Front Texas.

Jessy Wilson-McFarlin –making art is about so much more than simply creating something beautiful. She is a recording artist, songwriter, and performer from Brooklyn, New York, who currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, where she creates sculptures on canvas inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and Wabi-Sabi art. Using a mix of paint, plaster, and other materials to achieve artworks that flow and tell a story, Jessy incorporates the same experimental approach as when writing a song:  instead of trying to force her pieces to be anything, she lets them take the lead and show her what they want to become. The result is a natural, elemental landscape of lines that enliven the walls of a room and change with light and shadow.

In reflecting on her process, Jessy says:  “As a songwriter it’s natural for me to step into the world of visual art because I already have a relationship with creative surrender.  I’m comfortable with making something and not knowing where it will lead or how it will to turn out.  It’s a freedom that allows for the deepest healing in my life, and so my work as a visual artist is more about self-discovery than it is about following specific rules.  As a self-taught intuitive artist, working with my hands is purely a way to have a conversation—with the muse, with myself, and with the world around me.”

Artist Talk: Taylor Davis + Jessy Wilson

Origin Studio House Wheelchair Accessible
2925 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702

  • April 10, 2024 12:30 pm
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