Image by Esplanade Bernie Ng


Eisa Jocson

Corponomy is a performance-lecture that reflects on Eisa Jocson’s works produced from 2009 to 2017, which are concerned with the representations of the dancing body and the production of fantasy in the service industry. 

Interfacing video, text, sound, live demonstration, and reconstruction, Corponomy will disclose the different physical regimes that construct each embodiment, and also the socio-cultural body politics embedded in movement language, social mobility and migration. Drawn from the artist’s personal archive of research material, Corponomy is a documentation of movement transmission and training, demonstrating the different systems of physical exercise that transform the body. From pole dancing to macho dancing; from hostess to princess studies, Jocson’s performances unpack identity and gender formation, seduction politics, and Filipino social mobility.

Concept & Performance: Eisa Jocson Dramaturgy: Tang Fu Kuen Production & Technical Management: Yap Seok Hui | ARTFACTORY Corponomy is commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for da:ns festival. Corponomy was developed in residence at Performance Space, Sydney. 

From Fusebox Eisa is a powerhouse. Her performances are charged. Electric. Political. Her work is so embodied, so present in the room, it’s hard to do anything else but engage with her. And then we all become implicated and part of the show in a really interesting way. It’s exciting, immediate, uncomfortable, and complex. We are artfully reminded that the politics in play are not separate from us, as she explores the labour and representations of the body in the service and entertainment business.

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