Ghost Line X

Rolling Ryot Sebastian DeWay Lyman Hardy Augusto Meijer Emmett Palaima Chill Pillsbury / Hexseq James Talambas Brian Wenner

Spatial audio, sometimes referred to as surround sound, expands sound and music outside the bounds of a typical two-speaker stereo system. The Rolling Ryot experiential arts collective has continually pushed this concept by creating unique spatial sound systems. For Ghost Line X, the team is exploring the idea of a massively wide 15-channel sound system that investigates the creative potential of vector sound: sound in linear, bi-directional motion. 

Rolling Ryot has commissioned composers to create works inspired by not only the past and present of transportation but to imagine the sonic future of our transportation landscapes. Ghost Line X is a large-scale installation that challenges our current concepts of transportation by addressing the history and future of its various technologies and by engaging the audience to study its complex sonic characters.

Producers: Kyle Evans and Barna Kantor with the help of Lyman Hardy and Josef Kristofoletti

Musicians: Sebastian DeWay (Montreal, Canada) Lyman Hardy (Austin, TX) Augusto Meijer (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Emmett Palaima (Brooklyn, NY) Chill Pillsbury / Hexseq (Austin, TX) James Talambas (Fort Worth, TX)   Brian Wenner (Brooklyn, NY)

Project Sponsor: Nelda Studios

Original concept: Josef Kristofoletti

Ghost Line X

Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park Wheelchair Accessible
500 E 12th St
Austin, TX 7870

Free Admission, RSVP encouraged at link below.

Gates open at 7:30pm

First Performance starts at 8:00pm

Second Performance starts at 9:00pm

  • April 15, 2023 7:30 pm