Image by Cindy Elizabeth


Michael J Love

Michael J Love’s “GON’ HEAD AND PUT YOUR RECORDS ON!,” the first entry in his interdisciplinary tap dance percusinarrative series, “The AURALVISUAL MIXTAPE Collection,” is an exploration and jubilant celebration of Blackness. With “RECORDS!,” Love curates a vibrant amalgamation of moments from pop culture and his personal history to examine the various portions of his identity while actualizing self-love and self-care. “RECORDS!” is anchored by tap improvography and spans a number of performance mediums as it demands the necessary auralvisual space for #blackboyjoy.

Creative Team Written, choreographed, and performed by Michael J Love Featuring William Kachi, Taji Senior, and Khali Sykes

From Fusebox As Thomas De Frantz said, “You can’t have William Forsythe without a relationship to jazz and funk; you can’t have Balanchine without a relationship to tap.” Michael Love’s GON’ HEAD AND PUT YOUR RECORDS ON  reminds us that tap always has been and remains an influential dance form. Love will DJ a kinetic evening in the form of a mix tape that incorporates percussive dance, video projection, music, autobiographical and pop cultural references, and more,  all in service of self-care and a celebration of blackness. Special thanks to the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin for use of the sprung dance floor.

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