Guest By Courtesy

Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson

In the deeply pro-feminist setting of a masonic hallway, Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson stage a two-women, one-man, two-arms, one-couch, imaginary-prop, terrible-miming, genre-bending, era- bending, woman-bashing, man-worshipping show that plumbs the depths of desperation and duration.

Guest by Courtesy pretends to answer the question, what the fuck should a girl do with all her spare time, and decisively proves that women are not sane. Two cousins–one poor and single, one rich and married–wage their bizarre relationship over the course of a failing afternoon tea. The work was developed by Jenny Lar- son, artistic director of Salvage Vanguard Theater, and Hannah Kenah, company member, performer, and writer for the Rude Mechs, and scored by Graham Reynolds, Austin’s best-loved composer of all things brilliant. Come and see them not know what kind of show they are making. A dance show? A clown show? A play? Discover how much you can tolerate. Test the limits of your patience for women floundering.

“Larson and Kenah, with perfect comic timing and tempo, keep us laughing for a good solid hour” – Austin Chronicle


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