Man ex Machina

SubHuman Theatre

Created by interdisciplinary artist Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria), Man ex Machina collides installation, video, and performance into an intimate cyber­lecture, one which imagines human beings and technology evolving into fantastical hybrid beings. These new creatures simultaneously mark and tear down the boundaries between the human and the technological; between being born and being made; and between fact and fiction.

Idea, text, protagonist, scenography: Venelin Shurelov Multichannel sound environment: Sibin Vasilev Video editing: Martin Penev, Venelin Shurelov Set and props: Borislav Tonev (Bucky), Venelin Shurelov Voice: Alexander Schröder, Laura Cameron

OUR PRESENTING PARTNERS Center for International Theatre Development CITD Philip Arnoult, founder & director 


Art Office Kalina Wagenstein, Director Sofia

With the support of: The Trust for Mutual Understanding New York

The America for Bulgaria Foundation Sofia


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