Maneries [from Manare: spring form, emergence] works the body as linguistic material. Taking iconic, motivated and arbitrary signs, the performer builds and explores a series of tests on the limits of her formal capacities. These forms, having gone through time, constantly build, destroy and expose the body as producer of possible universes and perceptions over time.

We have reached the point in which we speak about language; we speak about the sign, the word itself. It is gone: Language has evolved from us. Are we talking about image or is image talking about us? Inside or outside of language we are skirting the limits of understanding.

Maneries refers neither to a universal, nor a particular, it embraces both, like an example.

Maneries is supported by PRODANZA, Buenos Aires and Porto a Solo, Portugal.

Luis Garay’s residency in Austin is supported in part by the National Performance Network (NPN) Performing Americas Creative Exchange Residency program. For more information:

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