Image by Museum of Human Achievement

MoHA Presents: Puddin’s Student Government

Is the news getting you down? Is your feed making you hungry? MoHA Presents: Puddin’s Student Government is a rollicking and participatory art event featuring performances by Angela Goh, Kuniklo, and other special guests. It’s medicine for our current psychic state.

Doors at 9:00PM 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

10:00 PM Angela Goh’s Body Loss As early as Odysseus tying himself to the mast to ward of the danger of the sirens, women’s voices have been associated with the enchantment, danger, and ruin of men. Australian dance artist Angela Goh’s Body Loss explores this cultural fear of the woman’s voice that denies female agency and embodiment. Accompanied by captivating sound and light, Goh re-arranges the performance space and the audience’s viewing, climbing, scaling, testing the limits of its architecture, as she reclaims that enchantment and that danger, asserting her body and her voice.

Late Night Fun: Kuniklo’s SEZ ONO KUNIKLO is an artist collective working in music, theater, costume, painting, video, sculpture and dance. KUNIKLO is a Puerto Rico – Texas – California based collective comprised of Olivia Warner, Jose Luis Sanabria and Luis Gabriel Sanabria and Sebastian Turner. Their fertile and undomesticated practice explores and creates rituals in conversation with nature, culture, and philosophical theory.  With SEZ ONO, they offer us a fashion experience inspired by post-apocalyptic transhumanistic seasonal lines, queer alien BDSM, and bathroom lines. You can expect nothing but the unexpected.


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