Public Access MASS

Mass Gallery

Public Access MASS will re-imagine MASS’s new gallery space at 507 Calles street as an anonymous public access television studio. A site-specific installation will be built to include such spaces as a kitchen/cooking set, gardening/backyard set, travel stage set, exercise/yoga room, and a talk show set, as well as a technical control room with video and audio equipment.

The transformation of the 1,500 sq ft gallery into a complex of television film sets will happen through the coordination of a number of installation artist teams, working collaboratively and largely organized by Austin-based artist Erin Curtis, who will act as installation designer.

After the installation is completed, the space will become an experimental performance space used in various ways for live performances–privately filmed episodes can be viewed later on studio monitors in the ‘control room’. MASS members recruit and organize local groups and individuals for performances and events. While the goal will be to provide a number of live performance openings with specific times, the space will also be available off hours for private performances that can be screened later during regular MASS gallery hours.


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