Rainforest Reverb

Rolling Ryot

Rainforest Reverb is a large-scale, immersive, multichannel sound art experience. The Rolling Ryot team have designed a 3-dimensional sonic space that will be used to present a number of commissioned spatial sound compositions on a massive, 32-channel platform inside of a unique, five-story parking garage. Speakers are arranged throughout the space, inspired by sonic structures present within rainforests.

Creative Team Kyle Evans, Artistic Director Lyman Hardy, Music Supervisor Josef Kristofoletti, Producer Barna Kantor, Executive Director

Featured Composers: Max Eilbacher (Baltimore) Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma (Mexico) Augusto Meijer (Netherlands) George Rahi (Canada) Lyman Hardy (Austin) Adam Fangsrud / Sonya Gonzales (Austin)

From Fusebox In creating Rainforest Reverb, Austin-based spatial sound collective Rolling Ryot sought out architectural structures that could support the installation of a 3-dimensional, high-resolution sound space that would mimic the sonic pallet of rainforests. Their motivation was to address the urgency of dealing with our vanishing natural soundscapes across the world. They finally found the ideal site, Texas State Parking Garage A, which was designed and built to accommodate two large trees growing out of the ground in its central atrium.  An international call for submissions by the group secured six composers who will each create a composition for the immersive system, bringing all five levels of the garage to life with a 32 channel, spatialized sonic environment. Open all day Sunday. Take a walk through this concrete jungle.