RGB HUB uses colored lights and graphic surfaces to strategically transform the spaces of Saengerrunde Hall into an immersive environment envisioned for the Fusebox Festival. The venue’s physically connected but otherwise disjointed spaces – street alley, bowling alley, patio, and dance hall – require experiential unity while each space serves its distinct function. RGB HUB treats each space as an episode through which the overall design concept unfolds.

The project is inspired by simple phenomena inherent to the Red Green Blue (RBG) color model. In certain conditions, RGB light has the ability to create Cyan Magenta Yellow (CMY) shadows or selectively hide printed CMY color. Through a combination of projected light and applied color, RGB HUB augments the architecture of the venue, while explaining the science behind the phenomena. Saengerrunde Hall serves as both a backdrop and a driver of these interventions, merging its permanent character with ephemeral effects of light, shadow, and color. Visitors to RGB HUB will be enveloped with an atmosphere that is at once familiar and entirely novel.

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