SEED/BED: Workshop

Elizabeth Chiles + Julie Nathanielsz

SEED/BED is a reflection on landscape, language, and the body. The solo distills movement practice taking place in nature and the human-nature-culture found there. One key principle investigates ways of looking, and the awareness of when/where one locates and positions themselves. Also, What does a body do to read/ride/write the place, time and conditions of a given moment? How are changes in perception linked to so-called gesture? The work is also stimulated by a dialogue with visual artist Elizabeth Chiles taking place in parallel with their respective projects. grayDUCK Gallery and Chiles host performances and workshops of SEED/BED during the exhibition Weave.

From Fusebox Elizabeth Chiles spends a lot of time thinking about color and light. For her new exhibition¬†Weave at grayDUCK Gallery, she brings together paintings and collage that center on the body, perception, and personal placemaking, works inspired by conversations with long time friend, dancer Julie Nathanielsz. During the run of the exhibition, Nathanielsz’s response in the dialogue will take form as a solo performance and workshop entitled SEED/BED that will focus on ways of looking and the positioning oneself in space. The movement, litheness, and natural themes of Chiles 2D works are accentuated by Nathanielsz choreography and activation of the exhibition space, which ultimately spills out of the gallery and onto East Cesar Chavez.


grayDUCK Gallery, project fiscal sponsor: fluent~collaborative, City of Austin Department of Economic Development, Julie Nathanielsz, Andrea Mellard at The Contemporary Austin, Luanne Stovall.

More information about the exhibition and these programs is at

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