Still Standing You

Pieter Ampe + Guilherme Carrido + CAMPO

Still standing you. [or] Still supporting you. [or] Still bearing you. [or] Still standing for you. [or] Still standing with you. [or] Still standing. [or] Just still.

Pieter Ampe and Guilherme Garrido test the limits of friendship, rivalry and their own bodies in a rough-and-tumble montage of dance, gymnastics and wrestling. Daring, discomfiting and darkly hilarious, Still Standing You is an astounding take on masculinity, aggression and tenderness.

Are they friends, lovers, brothers or rivals? Impossible to say, but through these power struggles and acts of rebellion, the two find the far reaches of their physical limits, their comfort zones, and the strength of their bond.

Choreography & Performance: Pieter Ampe, Guilherme Garrido Dramaturgy: Rita Natálio Produced by CAMPO

This performance contains nudity.


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