Still From “Iizuna Fair” (Sumito Sakakibara, Video Installation)

The Beauty of Life and Death II

Jaylen Pigford
Presented in partnership with Ivester Contemporary

The Beauty of Life and Death II is Jaylen Pigford’s second solo exhibition of paintings at Ivester Contemporary. In this latest series of work, Pigford carefully places familiar symbols that he has referenced throughout his career within colorful but unknown settings. Pigford appoints two protagonists; plants and skulls, as he contemplates the balance of life and death. He argues the inevitability of death should inspire us to appreciate the beauty of life, and rejects a focus on fear.

The Beauty of Life and Death II

Ivester Contemporary
916 Springdale Rd BLDG 2 #107, Austin, TX 78702

No tickets or reservations required

This exhibit is free and open to the public during the following days/hours:

Wednesday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-5pm


Ivester Contemporary will also be open during Fusebox Hub @ Canopy Night