The Magnetosphere celebrates the phenomena of electromagnetism utilizing “found” ferrous metal objects coupled with electromagnets carefully controlled by software and electronics to perform a one-hour looping composition as a sound installation.

The installation deploys visually disparate objects like spoons, nails, bells, bowls, and tins each coupled with a magnetic inductor emitting magnetic pulses that cause them to vibrate at their fundamental frequency to produce tones. Arranged on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and resting on the floor, the wires from these instruments route upward to a hub located on the ceiling. The hub communicates with a computer running software that plays back the composition like an invisible piano roll.

The public is invited to experience the acoustic presence of the objects up close and throughout the space. One could find themselves literally inside of chords while catching distant melodies or ricocheting arpeggios panning from wall to wall. They could walk between notes scattered randomly playing patterns and percussion while some notes organized into ensembles exchange counterpoint melodies and harmonies in the form of a call and response.

Various impromptu performances will happen alongside the installation throughout the duration of the project featuring Matthew Steinke and guest musicians.

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