The WORD: A House Party for Jesus

Brian Osborne
New Paradise Laboratories

A tent. A preacher. A sermon extolling the glories of voyeurism and the perils of playing with gasoline. The Word is the Truth with sex, drugs, and chili.

The WORD: A House Party for Jesus is a non-stop, mile-a-minute solo theater piece created and performed by Brian Osborne and directed by co-conspirator Whit MacLaughlin of New Paradise Laboratories. In THE WORD, performer Osborne creates a silver-tongued, jive-talking magic man—a spiritual alchemist—who transforms human frailty into a mind-bending and hilarious meditation on one man’s place in a topsy-turvy universe.

THE WORD is a backyard house party for Jesus. A stand-up comedy routine with an eloquent, soul-searching heart. A profane reflection on cosmic themes. A stream-of-consciousness rant set to rave-up dance music.

THE WORD is not fiction. Osborne believes every word he speaks. He dispenses total truth without artifice or guile.