Image: My Life Without You

Tunnel Vision

Youth Rise Texas

Youth Rise Texas is an organization dedicated to uplifting the voices of young people harmed by criminalization and deportation so that they may heal, take action, and cultivate compassionate communities.

Tunnel Vision Drawing on personal experience, activist training and playful experimentation, Youth Rise Texas offers an interactive, tactile experience examining the biases we carry. Tunnel Vision offers participants a series of connection points that challenge the way we see the world and each other. Utilizing storytelling, game mechanics and immersive techniques, each participant becomes a witness to the realities of the lived experiences of those around them. What do we miss when we look through a limited scope? What do we embrace when we enter a space with the intention of seeing more clearly?

From Fusebox We had the pleasure of spending this past year getting to know the incredible teens that participate in Youth Rise Texas, talking with them about all the different kinds of work that go into making a festival, and collaborating with them to envision what a festival can be. We can’t wait to see the work they’ve created for Fusebox Festival 2019.

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