Amy Yoes: Model Path (2010)


Ultraviolet incorporates sculpture, installation, photography and experiential works by artists Amy Yoes, Ezra Masch, and Tim Schmidt.

Amy Yoes’s work is laden with an interest in decorative language and architectural space. She responds to formal topologies of ornaments and styles that have reverberated through time, permeating through and informing our mutually constructed visual and cultural memory.

Ezra Mash makes elaborate works that immerses the sensory experiences. His performance and instrumental based site-specific installations incorporate the translation and abstraction of audio video stimulus, pushing the boundaries between instrument, audience, performer, and space.

Tim Schmidt creates sculptures utilizing common materials tying the work to everyday environments. His work often pulls from minimalism, transcendentalism, as well as natural history and vernacular architecture, though any critical social stance or subversion that can be taken by the work becomes blurred by his commitment to the innate qualities of the materials.

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