Wardenclyffe Gallery: Basements Were Rooftops

Wardenclyffe Gallery

Basements were Rooftops will evolve with the discretion of Katie Rose Pipkin, Jes Painter, Olivia Pepper, Will Kauber, Baylor Estes, Frederick Follmer, Eric Upshaw, Daniel Hipolito, Emi Ame Tomoko, Blair Bogin, and guests.

We are building the idea of a city.

On day one, we mark a main street on the floor, a pathway from door too door. The city rises organically onward; each participant is encouraged to expand onto or envelop anything that was there before them. Dwellings show process in their layers. By tracking backwards, it is possible to uncover their modifications, transformations, and destructions. In this city, aesthetic decisions are intertwined with the availability of materials at hand and the ever-approaching deadline before progress must stall.

Space will be open and evolving from 2 pm to 10 pm Construction begins Saturday, April 20th Peaking Friday, April 26th (With a reception 8 – 12 pm) Downfall, April 27th

ARTIST WEBSITE: wardenclyffegallery.org