Fusebox Festival 2024
April 7-14

Twenty years ago, a group of Austin-based artists launched the first ever Fusebox Festival. 608 years earlier (in the year 1397), Central Texas experienced a total eclipse of the sun and has not experienced one since. This April represents the first time ever these two phenomena are happening at the same time. We hope you can join us for this rare occasion.

About the 20th Anniversary Festival

The 2024 festival takes a look back and celebrates the past 20 years of Fusebox, while also looking ahead toward the future. For eight days, artists and audiences will gather from all over the world for unforgettable live performances, exhibitions, parties, and conversations at sites across Austin.

Underpinning all this is a big-hearted, free-flowing exchange of ideas across art forms and geography. The festival becomes a space for artists and audiences to explore, ask questions, and share bold ideas that expand our sense of possibility and connect us with each other.

A Note About Tickets This year

We built this year’s festival in collaboration with so many organizations who have been part of our history. This was a way to celebrate our partners and also an attempt to model a pathway forward. We firmly believe there is no future without partnership and collaboration.

In truth, the festival would be a fraction of what it is without these partnerships. This means we’re able to support more artists, and share more remarkable projects with our audiences.

What this means logistically is that the tickets for many of the shows in the Festival are being managed on different sites by our various partners. You can access these tickets via the Fusebox website like normal, but the tickets themselves are often being managed on partner sites.

This is all part of our growth, and in service to bringing you, our dear audiences, more unforgettable, wild, out-of-this-world performances and exhibitions.

Browse by artist, project, or schedule at the links below.

Fusebox In The Path of Totality!

As part of Simons Foundation’s In the Path of Totality we’ve joined forces with Waterloo Greenway and The Long Center to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event coming to Austin during Fusebox Festival!

Three days of eclipse-related programming from April 7- 9, with poetry and storytelling, family-friendly educational programs, music, and more!  Set your watches for 1:36PM April 8th to experience the totality of the eclipse and come celebrate with us.

More Info Here

Founded by a group of artists in 2005, the festival features unique live performances and exhibitions from Austin and around the world at sites and venues across the city, ranging from intimate galleries, theaters, and clubs, to large scale projects springing to life in parks, parking garages, and large concert halls.

The festival features all kinds of artists working across a variety of forms including film, theater, dance, visual art, literature, and music. But at the center of it all is the live event. We continue to believe in the possibilities of live performance (and those things that can only happen when we gather and use our imaginations together). We are especially grateful for all of our artists, community partners, and supporters who have infused this year’s festival with an unsinkable generosity and collaborative spirit. This year we are working with two guest curators on a series of unique projects: Michael Anthony Garcia and Jeff Khan.  Scroll down to read more about them.

What is a typical Fusebox show like?

Each show is pretty unique! We present all kinds of artists working across a variety of art forms including film, theater, dance, visual art, literature, and music. In any given festival there is stuff that kids and dogs would like, and there’s programming that’s pretty challenging, and everything in between. We do have a special love for projects that transcend what we think we know about live performance. And sometimes we just want to share a project because it’s beautiful, or hilarious, or stops us in our tracks.

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