A Conversation about Artist-Run Spaces in Austin & Los Angeles

February 5, 2018

A few months back, Austin-based ICOSA Collective and Tiger Strikes Astroid/Monte Vista Projects from Los Angeles initiated an exchange between their spaces. The first part of the exchange was an exhibition of Los Angeles artists at ICOSA; the publication of the zine Left of the Dial with up-to-date listings of artist-run spaces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and an accompanying updatable wiki page , as well as a public panel conversation featuring members of members of artist-run spaces in Austin and LA. All of these activities were organized and curated by Jenn Wilson and David Bae, members of ICOSA Collective.

Watch a 30 minute excerpt of the panel conversation featuring moderator Jenn Wilson, Ryan Moore (ATM Gallery, Austin), Rachel Koper (Former Director of Gallery Lombardi, Austin), Zac Traeger (Museum of Human Achievement, Austin), Henna Chou (Church of the Friendly Ghost, Austin), Sean Gaulager (CoLab Projects, Austin), Chris Miller (Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles), and Carl Baratta (Tiger Strikes Astroid, Los Angeles).December 3, 2017.