Rude Mechs & Not Every Mountain

March 28, 2019

​EPISODE 14: Using a string, cardboard and magnets, the Rude Mechs’ Not Every Mountain invites us to watch the collective effort of making and unmaking a series of interlocking mountain ranges. We watch minutes, or perhaps centuries, unfold, as mountains rise and fall, clouds dance, birds alight and depart, and a moon delicately hangs overhead. Not Every Mountain is a joyous and poignant meditation on the fleetingness of time and the many lives of rocks, underscored by a poetic recitation–or perhaps a spiritual incantation.

In this episode, Shawn Sides, Thomas Graves, and Peter Stopchinski of the Rude Mechs speak about the process of creating the performance Not Every Mountain, which will premier at Fusebox Festival 2019.