Image by Coka Trevino

Blasto & Ernesto Walker

Ernesto Walker: Based in Monterrey (MX). His artwork is characterized by the exploration of chance and abstraction as a way to encode and visually translate the reality around us, looking for links between what is accidental and what becomes meaningful. His work has been exhibited internationally in London, Brussels, Luxemburg, Athens, Switzerland, Argentina, United States, Colombia, Italy and Spain.

Blasto: Based in Monterrey (MX). He’s interested in exploring universal concepts and landing them on symbols that can connect with people through his work on the street. Seeks to recognize, discover and be a participant in the architectural spaces of the city and any environment, establish an open dialogue with the thousands of people who circulate daily, or with people who, in the future will discover interventions hidden for most. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Colombia, and USA.


Fusebox Performances