Brian Lobel

Brian Lobel creates performances about bodies: politicized bodies, dancing and singing bodies, sick bodies and bodies that need a little extra love. After being sick as a young adult, Brian became fascinated with unique bodily experience and how it is conceived, discussed and witnessed. While projects take many different forms —installation, stage shows, cabaret, publications, etc — each work is keenly interested in how the audience relate to one another and combines intimate stories with grander public narratives about illness, technology, nationalism, economy and more. The work playfully inspires audiences to consider the world around them with renewed vigour, generosity, and an insatiable desire to engage with others.

Performances include BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer, Purge, Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There, and Fun with Cancer Patients, Cruising for Art and more, and have been seen in medical schools, cabarets, museums, forest, galleries and marketplaces in London, Edinburgh, New York City, Paris, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Bern, Lisbon, Chicago, Austin, Brussels, Amsterdam and beyond. Brian is Senior Lecturer (Theatre) at University of Chichester, Core Artist with Forest Fringe, and Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow.

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