Chris Cogburn

Chris Cogburn (b. 1973 Eugene, Oregon) is a percussionist living in Austin and Mexico City. Cogburn’s artistic practice is rooted in the collaborative context of improvisation. His current music practices focus on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing timbral qualities and their sites of resonance. Tensions between just intonation and the unfettered resonances of objects is a burgeoning concern informing his most recent work.

Cogburn has performed around the world including: Anahuacalli Museum (Mexico City), James Turrell’s Roden Crater (Arizona), Ausland (Berlin), Cinemateket (Oslo), and *matik-matik* (Bogotá). His current music projects include Resonance with Iván Naranjo; Anáhuac with Ignaz Schick and Juan García; A Spirale with Italian musicians Mario Gabola and Maurizio Argenziano; and Fear of the Object, an audio-visual improvisation ensemble with the Norwegian video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen and a rotating cast of guest artists including Ingar Zach (NO), Juan García (MX), Aimée Theriot (MX/NL) and Judith Hamann (AU). Chris has released recordings on several labels including SOFA, Another Timbre, INSUB, Astral Spirits, Simple Geometry and Balance Point Acoustics.

Since 2003, Cogburn has organized an annual festival of contemporary improvised music entitled No Idea Festival. Based in Austin, Texas, No Idea events have also been held in San Antonio, Houston, Marfa, Fort Worth, Dallas, New Orleans, Shreveport, Mexico City and Mérida, and have featured artists from around the world.

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