Erica Nix & David Culpepper

Erica Nix has been a bright and raucous force in the Austin community for well over a decade. Her performance art, beloved photography, and work as a queer and trans-inclusive, body positive activist and personal trainer is well-documented: from the multitude of activist rallies and demonstrations she’s supported, to being a regularly featured artist at OUTsider Fest and aGLIFF, to winning an Austin Critics Table Award in 2016 for best independent project, and Best Personal Trainer Award in 2017 and 2018.  Recently Nix closed her studio Transform Fitness, one of the only LGBTQIA-focused gyms in the country, but her mission remains strong. Erica Nix is an ambassador of fitness and self love to people that feel unlovable, invisible, or simply intimidated by normative culture. Erica always collaborates with the dancers that come to her workout class. It’s proven to be very fulfilling for self-esteem and community growth.

Dave Culpepper is an Austin based artist. He is a founding member of Ink Tank Collective, Fancy Fancy Studios, and Free Beer Podcast. His recent projects have been exhibited at CoLab Projects, Grayduck Gallery, MASS Gallery, and Pump Project.

Erica Nix has performed in shows curated by Dave Culpepper’s Collective Ink Tank and also as a subject of Free Beer Podcast. They are excited to have an opportunity to truly collaborate together on Play Party Workout.


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