Image by Diana Marcela Cuartas Castillo


Hans Bryssinck received a formal training at KASK in Ghent (BE) where he learned to develop a multidisciplinary and versatile arts practice. His initial artistic explorations led him into working as a designer, a performer, a theatre maker, a visual artist, and a filmmaker.

In 2004 he completed research programs in both theatre and dance studies, DasArts, in Amsterdam. In the years that followed he developed work for the stage through a variety of artistic collaborations. Most recently he went back to a more diversified practice that includes music, film, and publication projects. In these projects the subjects are dealt with through various forms of performativity, more often than not by acting them out on Latin American soil. Hans Bryssinck is one of the founding members of SPIN, the artist-run support platform for production and research.

Fusebox Performances