Image by Juan Leduc

Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol

Lagartijas tiradas al sol, are a community of artists founded in 2003 by Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodriguez. Since then develop projects as a mechanism to link the work and life, to erase borders. Our work seeks to make sense, articulate, disrupt and unravel what everyday practice merges and overlooked. It has nothing to do with entertainment, is a space to think.

We are interested in select events of the past and work on its construction, highlight the arbitrariness with which history is constructed and generate another reading, just as arbitrary, but ours. We do not want to correct the record, but simply put the emphasis elsewhere, change of narrator, become actors of the past that we have lived or not, put this in perspective, making up stories.

Our work has revolved around the notions of: biography, document and History.

We have presented our work in much of Mexico and abroad Festival Automne in Paris, The Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Vienna Festwochen, the high season of Girona, contemporary scene in Madrid, Montreal Transameriques, Theater Spektakell of Zurich, among many others. And received several awards, among them the nomination Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodriguez as candidates to be part of The Rolex Mentor and Protege Initiative 2008, the Audience Award at the festival Impatience in Paris 2011 (Odeon Theatre and Centquatre) and ZKB Foldpreiss in Zurich 2011.