Loc Huynh

Loc Huynh (b. 1992 Austin, TX) earned his BFA from Texas State University in 2016. He did some graduate work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received his MFA from the University of North Texas in 2020.

Through painting, I use materiality to reaffirm the material world and invent new ones. My personal aesthetic evolved from nostalgically bright colors that hearken back to sensibilities of my youth. Because of this persistent interest, I purposefully adopt palettes and compositions from cartoons and other visual graphics. The vocabulary of images I use are idiosyncratic, but also serve as evidence of my biography. Growing up in a Vietnamese-American household, I was exposed to both East Asian, as well as Western kitsch. My paintings utilize the language from both visual cultures, and this hybridization is emblematic of my identity.

Fusebox Performances