Parham Daghighi

Parham Daghighi is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist and experimentalist active in contemporary improvised music. Recent focuses include amplified acoustic guitar, drum set, clarinet, and instruments from the Persian art music tradition including setar and tombak. Daghighi is a core member of Texas-based exploratory music groups SSBT and Virginity, though his practice allows him to interface with any musician or artist interested in working improvisationally. Daghighi’s work in improvisation and song also extends into physical performance and poetry. Several releases from his collaborations have garnered critical praise in the established underground.

Daghighi’s most recent collaborations include Unintentional Intersections, presented at the NMASS festival in Austin, as well as extensive work with Falgoush, the Iranian arts and diaspora platform, to provide sound design for their project Tanhaa ba Golhaa, exploring the sacred feminine in Iranian ritual. This is the growing edge of Daghighi’s practice, and he is currently making connections with fellow Iranian and diasporic Iranians active in contemporary and experimental arts.

Since 2010, Daghighi has performed regularly in Texas in numerous venues, concert series, and music festivals. Daghighi has also performed with international artists in cities throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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