Rachel Mars

Rachel Mars is a writer and performer based in the UK. She works at the cross-over of performance art and theatre, interrogating the possibilities of live assembly; female, Jewish and Queer identities and their intersections; and the ways cultural and political constucts effect everyday human behaviours.

Her recent performance work includes FORGE, a three-day welding installation; OUR CARNAL HEARTS, a choral dissection of envy and NEXT YEAR PEOPLE with Katie Bender and Gab Reisman, both of which she had a ball performing at Fusebox; ROLLER, with Mars.tarrab, a fight show ahout female aggression and Roller Derby, and STORY #1/#3, an ongoing collaboration with Greg Wohead on radical narrative.

She won a Total Theatre Award and the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award. She has performed all over the UK and internationally, including recently at Under The Radar -NYC, UMS Michigan, Barbican London, Brisbane International Festival, Brighton International Festival, Fusebox Festival Austin, On The Boards, Seattle.

Fusebox Performances