SHABOOM! created by Silky Shoemaker, Lex Vaughn and Paul Soileau, is a spectacle teetering at the edge of disaster. Sharing a mind of anarchy and absurdity, we create environments and actions of pleasure and liberation for our audience. SHABOOM! is not just an experiment with failure, but a jubilant funeral procession for the notion of success, driven by maddening determination and an impressive lack of good judgement. SHABOOM! is theatre for the masses that forces culture and critique through the clown horn of queer slapstick.

Silky Shoemaker
 is a performer, artist, and organizer currently living in the bay area. She performs regularly with CHRISTEENE, Rebecca Havemeyer, and, occasionally, a vibrant army of trained chickens. She is the co founder of gaybigaygay queer music fest in Austin and has presented work in illustrious venues such as OUTsider Fest, Fusebox, the Warhol Museum, and a friend of a friend’s garage. She is also the creator of the world’s first and only Gay Wax Museum.

Lex Vaughn is a multi-disciplinarian artist living in Los Angeles. Her work is primarily character-based and revolves around queer absurdity and butch visibility. Graham and Diane, her ventriloquist act has been grossing out live audiences and the internet for over 8 years. Lex also co-directed and starred in the Peaches video, Rub, and provides voice work for multiple characters in the Instagram series Those Shoes and for Jill Reiter’s film In Search of Margo-Go. Acting credits include Shortbus, Queer As Folk,  and most recently in Beards, as a butch stunt-woman from the 1960’s.

Paul Soileau is an artist best known for his alter egos CHRISTEENE and Rebecca Havemeyer. As CHRISTEENE, Paul has toured extensively both nationally and internationally with spaces and places ranging from Glastonbury Fest, Edinburgh Fest, The Soho Theatre of London, SXSW and Joe’s Pub NYC. His Rebecca Havemeyer persona has been a staple of Austin entertainment and nightlife for the past 10 years, hosting festivals, theatrical productions, multiple series at the Alamo Drafthouse as well as his own theatrical productions. He is a member of the Rude Mechs Theater Company and co founder of the OUTsider Festival and of Queerbomb in Austin, Texas.

Fusebox Performances